Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zipmark?

Zipmark is a payment service that connects you directly to your checking account. Use it to pay bills from Zipmark enabled merchants or send and receive money with other people.

How is Zipmark different from other payment services?

Zipmark transactions are just like a check from your account, except without the paper or the trip to the bank for the depositor. What this means is that just like a check from your bank, with Zipmark you pay with your money and get paid directly in your account except without fees or delays. Some internet and mobile payment tools require you to "load" a payment account just to pay with your own money, and then charge fees and take 24 to 48 hours to get access to money paid. With Zipmark it is always your money in your bank account.

What do I need to send or receive money with Zipmark?

Zipmark users must have: A checking account at a bank, credit union or thrift, which is in good standing and a Zipmark account registered at (invitation only for now.)

When will I get money received with Zipmark?

Most Zipmark transactions are available on the morning of the next business day and are processed through the US Federal Reserve Bank Services. On occasion it can get there even faster.

How is the information I give to Zipmark secured?

Zipmark uses electronic checks that are a financial industry standard and a safe and reliable way of processing payments. It uses technology that has been developed and tested to process your check information securely. Zipmark treats all user information with the same level of security and we never share any of your information with anyone.

How can I contact Zipmark support?

Have a question? Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.